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Samhouri Money Exchange - Taj Mall

Samhouri Money Exchange - Taj Mall
About Us
Samhouri Exchange was established in 1993 by two brothers, Imad Hamdi Al Samhouri and Ahmad Hamdi Al Samhouri, they are two of the most highly respected businessmen in Jordan and in the Middle East. The company started off with one branch that contained three employees.

With time, hard work, planning, dedication and integrity we were able to move forward to a bright and successful future. We are now one of the most successful money exchange companies and well known money exchange companies in Jordan. With numerous correspondents internationally and good business relationships with the banks we have expanded and now we are 7 strong standing branches, with over 100 employees.

We are still going strong and working on pleasing our costumers more and more everyday and plan on always moving forward and maintaining our leadership in the money exchange world.
Our Services
We have a variety of services that we present to our costumers, such as the following:

1. Buying and selling currencies. We offer the best exchange rates for foreign and Arab currencies such as: Euro, Canadian Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Saudi Riyals, and Emirates Dirham amongst many others.

2. Personal transfers: These are transfers that can be sent from friends and family and can be received by friends and loved ones through our company.

There are many different transfer methods such as:

Western Union: This is the most commonly used method of transferring money; it is instantaneous, convenient, available everywhere in the world and easy. There is an option to either send money in US dollars or in Jordanian Dinars depending on what the remitter prefers. With over 400,000 locations worldwide.

Xpress Money: This is a United Arab Emirates company. There are two sending options, cash transfer and account credit. Xpress money is also fast, financially convenient and available in various countries with multiple agents in each country.

Ez Remit: This is a Bahraini company that offers cash transfers and account credit transfers to Europe, England, India and Eastern Asia amongst other countries as well.

ARY Speed Remit: This is a United Arab Emirates company that offers cash transfers and account credit mostly to the countries in the Gulf, India and East Asia.

Instant Cash: This is a United Arab Emirates company that only offers cash transfers to almost everywhere in the Middle East and around the continents except Europe. As of recently a network has been opened in Russia and the surrounding countries.

RIA: This is a Spanish company; it is the third largest money transfer company in the world. The headquarters are in the United States of America. We are a receiving agent, and we receive from various countries such as the United States of America, Canada, Europe and Russia. Samhouri Exchange is the sole agent in Jordan for RIA transfers.

IRemit: This is a Filipino company that aims to help Filipinos everywhere in the world send money to their friends and loved ones and stay connected with them. There are cash transfers and account credit transfers.

Another service that is available is bank transfers; there are two types that slightly differ. There are swift transfers and Earthport remittance.

3. Swift transfers: These are usually commercial transfers used for business purposes, or paying tuitions for colleges and some send personal remittances via bank transfers.

These transfers are used for large amount money transfers and the commission fee is cheaper than most other types of transfers, they take about 2 to 3 work days to be fully processed and deposited into the beneficiary account.

The requirements for these transfers is the presentation of a form of identification for personal transfers or a copy of the commercial registration for companies that are transferring and the account number is also needed alongside the bank swift, the sort code and the Iban if possible in order to facilitate the transferring process.
Contact Information
Abdoun, Taj Mall
M K Floor
Phone 1 : 065935351
Phone 2 : 065937374
Fax : 065930256
E-mail :
Website :
Working Days & Hours
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