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WainJO for Users


WainJO Guide – Get the Best out of Amman!

Introducing one of a kind “search for places” model, WainJO Guide helps you find information about thousands of service providers in Amman-Jordan. WainJO Guide is a user-friendly and trusted source designed to satisfy your need for an accurate easy-to-use online resource. WainJO Guide helps you find information about restaurants, cafes, doctors & medical centers, hotels, banks, educational institutes, travel & tourism agencies, beauty & fitness centers, entertainment centers, and many more; including contact & location information, phone numbers, address, map & directions, photos & videos and more!
WainJO supports Arabic and English languages. It is a unique, one of a kind guide that enables you to search for whatever they need in Amman. You can search for places based on:

  • Your feeling, mood, or need.
  • Places names or part of names.
  • Advanced Search: Category, Sub-category, Location, Sub-location, and Working days & hours.

You will know the difference when you try it! Start using WainJO Guide and join our community.

WainJO Events – What's Up Jordan!

WainJO Events is a service designed to provide full details of the most popular events in Jordan, including culture & arts, entertainment, educational, sports, musical and many more events.

WainJO Events provides up-to-date information of the upcoming events around, to help you plan what to do and where to go.

Browse through WainJO Events and join your preferred event.

WainJO Competitions – and the Winner Is…

WainJO launches periodic competitions and contests, giving you the chance to compete, challenge, and win! So, let’s have some fun!
We would like to invite you to participate in WainJO Competitions; a place where you can join WainJO community, enjoy your time, and get a chance to win great prizes.

Have fun and win great prizes with WainJO Competitions.

WainJO Character – Let him Do the Search for You!

WainJO Character is a Jordanian guy. He's a member of the Jordanian society; he lives in the same country, breathes the same air, and shares the same culture as yours. He likes mansaf, masters dabke, and is known by his hospitality. Simply, he's like you!

Because We Care, we are introducing a cutting edge search feature, which is designed to help you effectively and efficiently find what best fits your mood, feeling, or need! If you feel happy, sad, energetic, bored, festive, stressed, sick, or in love, WainJO Character does the search for you, leaving you one click far from WainJO suggestions! WainJO Character also recommends top places, and suggests things to do and places to go in certain events and special occasions.

Let WainJO Character suggest!

WainJO OFFLINE Mobile Application – Anytime Anywhere!

A free guide to Jordan in your pocket, ready-to-use whenever you want, wherever you go!

WainJO Offline Mobile Application is the only e-directory/e-guide mobile application in Jordan that works offline. It offers users the offline access to contact & location information of different outlets, restaurants, brands, medical centers, and many more located at various geographical places in Jordan, in addition to various events and competitions. WainJO Offline Mobile Application supports Arabic and English languages, and is compatible with five different platforms.

Download WainJO Offline Mobile App now!

WainJO ONLINE Mobile Application – Satisfaction Redefined!

Because users’ satisfaction is our top priority, we are raising the benchmark even beyond users’ expectations!

WainJO Online Mobile Application; a notably responsive, user-friendly, and enjoyable application, is designed to amaze users like never before! Besides boosting its speed, and enriching its look-and-feel interface, users can enjoy the full range of WainJO services all from within the application! WainJO Online Mobile Application helps users:

- Get the best out of Amman - Jordan through WainJO Guide, where users can find places based on their feeling, by place name, or using advanced search.
- Know all about the popular events taking place around using WainJO Events.
- Participate in WainJO Competitions.

Get a wonderful user experience, Download it now!


WainJO for Businesses

WainJO Profiles
– Your Dream Professional Image!

Showcase your business with WainJO Profiles. WainJO Profiles connect your business with a large number of prospects. It is your centralized location where thousands of WainJO users can know more about you, your products & services and business opportunities.

Including your Logo, theme, banner, photo & video gallery, “About Us” & “Our Services” scripts; your customized WainJO Profile communicates your professional image with your target potential clients. Through providing your contact & location information, WainJO reveals the distance between you and your clients, helping you grow your business and increase your potential revenue. Viewers of your WainJO Profile are likely to visit your Website and your Facebook Page; driving traffic to your online media.

WainJO Profile is your own web page where you can share information about your business:

- A direct link to your webpage, i.e.
- About Us Information area.
- Our Services Information area.
- Static or flash banner that represents your business (will include your logo and theme).
- Icons of featured services and Available Payment Methods.
- Contact Information: official and informal location information, up to four phone numbers and fax number, website and email address, location on map, Facebook page link, and working days and hours.
- Up to 20 pictures.
- Up to 5 YouTube video links.
- And More!

Subscribe to WainJO now and get your WainJO Profile.

WainJO Ads – Advertising that Works!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Do you want to develop your marketing strategy? We offer you advertising that actually works!

WainJO offers state-of-the-art online advertising alternatives; allowing you to place your Ad on display network and channels including:

- WainJO OFFLINE Mobile Application: The offline directory to Amman- Jordan.
- WainJO ONLINE Mobile Application: The online guide to Amman- Jordan including Guide, Events, and Competitions.
- The Mobile Site; a mobile-friendly website including the Guide, Events, and Competitions.
- The Website, including the Guide, Events, and Competitions.

This cutting-edge, affordable yet effective advertising gives your Ads a wider coverage, allows you to reach your targeted audience, and helps in improving the branding of your company, product or service.

With its targeted niche market, high traffic, visually appealing Ad design and good Ad placement, WainJO helps you attract potential clients, while your Return on Invetments (ROI) is sure to be far better when compared with other advertising options.

Contact us today to advertise on WainJO netwrok channels.

Wain!. Dev Graphic Design & Image Branding – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

Because companies have little chances to make great impressions, and because branding is more than making a new logo or company slogan, Wain!. Dev builds brands outside in to create a remarkable brand identity.

Wain!. Dev crafts brands that can easily identify a product or a service and increase their awairness using:
- Logo Design
- Letterhead, Business Cards and Invoices
- Website and interactive designs
- Brochures and handouts
- Business presentations
- Exhibits and Trade Show Presentations
- Product and packaging design
- Jingles and Tunes

See Wain!. Dev Profile to know more about Graphic Design and Corporate Branding services.

Wain!. Dev Website Design & Development – You Define It, We Do It!

Because websites powered by Wain!. Dev are crafted according to clients's vision and needs, Wain!. Dev helps its clients access their business needs through their own website and profile, where value adding suggestions of designs, profiles and extra fuctionalities would be a major part in the pre-development phase.

Guided by a customized Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Wain!. Dev offers the full design, development, and deployment of Flash, HTML, and .PHP Websites.

See Wain!. Dev Profile to know more about Website Design & Development services.

Wain!. Dev Mobile Application Design & Development – Bring Ideas to Reality!

Our senior graphic designers, along with our caliber of professional developers deliver mobile applications with superior quality and competitive pricing.

Mobile application developers and designers use the same methodologies and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of software projects including websites by implementing frameworks while using various technologies and tools.

Wain!. Dev develops mobile applications on: Andriod, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Java, and Symbian.

See Wain!. Dev Profile to know more about Mobile Application Design & Development services.